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Law Office of Alison L. Aaron, Esq.
703 Mill Creek Road, Suite E-3
Manahawkin, NJ

(609) 978-9200
     Alison L. Aaron is an Ocean County attorney practicing in Manahawkin, NJ.  She represents clients in court, in real estate transactions, and immigration matters.  She is also a criminal defense attorney, DWI attorney ("drunk driving"), as well as a Municipal Court attorney defending disorderly persons and traffic offenses.  Ms. Aaron spent a total of sixteen years as a prosecuting attorney at the state, county (Middlesex) and municipal (Stafford Township) levels.  This experience has given her extraordinary negotiation skills, advocacy abilities, and the confidence to handle a wide-range of legal situations. 
     This Manahawkin attorney offers free initial consultations.  It is her belief that lawyers should truly "counsel" others - even those who do not end up as clients.  She will gladly refer you to another Ocean County attorney if she feels unable to adequately represent your interests.
  This is a law office where patience and understanding truly exist - virtues not often found in a legal setting.  From DWI defense to immigration law - We look forward to serving you!
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